So, i made this site thinking that Ninja Time Pirates was gonna be an MMORPG and so, i wanted to be the best blogger for it. it turned out it is just an app. so i just thought i would make one last post (if anyone would even see this).


well, here is my life story of mmos, I didn’t know much about mmos at first just nicktropolis. i was just on youtube most of the time (and today but in the past it was mostly pokemon videos and stuff. one day soulja boy uploaded a video. on may 16, 2009. (it changed my life) so i was like i gotta play this. i was just 13. my birthday is jun 1st. i thought the game was called planet soulja boy tell em. turns out it was called planet cazmo. and on cazmo i learned a lot. how to take a screen shot, and what an ip was. i started blogging and i became an planet cazmo amassador sometime between 2009-2010. man between 2009 and 2010 i joined so many mmorpg’s. club penguin, chobots, pandanda, habbo, binweevils, webosaurs, 7wizards. and a lot more that i forgot the names of. but to bad mostly all the ones i played are gone now.  but between 2010 and 2011 i started playing games like AQW, roblox, and transformice. but so yeah that’s my life, not much of a soulja boy fan now lol, occasionally will go back to an old game but mostly haven’t in years now. i stopped being a planet cazmo ambassador because once i got my hat i stopped being active (blogging). i wish planet cazmo would come back (not come back as a fresh start but i hope big dawg still had the data of all our accounts and stuff.) i am 20 as of june 1st 2015. so i guess that’s it. (sorry if there is some mistakes i was rushing  and there is so much to say.) until we meet again,

– former planet cazmo ambassador Scoty boy.