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So, i made this site thinking that Ninja Time Pirates was gonna be an MMORPG and so, i wanted to be the best blogger for it. it turned out it is just an app. so i just thought i would make one last post (if anyone would even see this).


well, here is my life story of mmos, I didn’t know much about mmos at first just nicktropolis. i was just on youtube most of the time (and today but in the past it was mostly pokemon videos and stuff. one day soulja boy uploaded a video. on may 16, 2009. (it changed my life) so i was like i gotta play this. i was just 13. my birthday is jun 1st. i thought the game was called planet soulja boy tell em. turns out it was called planet cazmo. and on cazmo i learned a lot. how to take a screen shot, and what an ip was. i started blogging and i became an planet cazmo amassador sometime between 2009-2010. man between 2009 and 2010 i joined so many mmorpg’s. club penguin, chobots, pandanda, habbo, binweevils, webosaurs, 7wizards. and a lot more that i forgot the names of. but to bad mostly all the ones i played are gone now.  but between 2010 and 2011 i started playing games like AQW, roblox, and transformice. but so yeah that’s my life, not much of a soulja boy fan now lol, occasionally will go back to an old game but mostly haven’t in years now. i stopped being a planet cazmo ambassador because once i got my hat i stopped being active (blogging). i wish planet cazmo would come back (not come back as a fresh start but i hope big dawg still had the data of all our accounts and stuff.) i am 20 as of june 1st 2015. so i guess that’s it. (sorry if there is some mistakes i was rushing  and there is so much to say.) until we meet again,

– former planet cazmo ambassador Scoty boy.



Hello again

they are starting to work on the game again!


Ntp will be released this year.

Check this out!

Awesome Logo!


Follow Ninja Time Pirates on twitter!!/ninjatimepirate

also NTP is going to be a mobile/tablet game. Multiplayer co-op!

but i don’t get some things but ill figure them out later.

Hey everybody! Well today, i found out about a game called NinjaTimePirates, so check out the site!

A New Online MMORPG

Beta Coming Soon!